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Our Programs

Designed with you in mind, we have a range of programs to suit your needs.

4 Hour Workshop

Designed for young developers
Immersive experience

  • Manipulate files and directories
  • Learn about Emacs
  • Learn about vi, and how to start and exit vi
  • Commands in vi     
  • Learn about Shell


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5 Month Bootcamp

Concepts covered in the 5 month Bootcamp Program

  • Version control with Git.
  • Data structures concepts.
  • Python language
  • Web server & scraping
  • Databases, MySQL, NoSQL etc.


Product Engineering

We make you complete Full Stack developer.

Enhance your credibility with our extensive, pragmatic projects!

You will be able to build a professional portfolio of projects throughout the course of the bootcamp.

Comprehensive Learning of Full-Stack Development

This course offers a comprehensive curriculum by Holberton School to make you career-ready as a full-stack developer.

Certificate of Completion

You will be provided with a certificate from EHAM post successful completion of the course.

Learn In-Demand skills

Learn skills for real career growth with our cutting-edge curriculum designed to develop job-ready skills.

Access to Curated Jobs

Opportunities from the top companies to make sure your skills get the spotlight they deserve.

Guaranteed Placements

Every EHAM program graduate will be placed in the parent company or partner product companies as software engineers with a starting package of 5LPA.

Tested formula for success

more than 50% fellows from EHAM make 4.2x more

Global Partner Network

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Project-based learning

Project-based learning is a proven alternative learning methodology to the traditional teacher-led lecture and memorization educational pedagogy. We believe in learning by doing, therefore there are no lectures in this program. The students will work on 80 different projects ranging from the Fundamentals of C to building your web app, the curriculum is extensive and in-depth. The projects come with a set of online resources to find the solution on how to complete tasks.

Social learning theory

Social learning theory considers how both environmental and cognitive factors interact to influence human learning and behavior. Research states that most people only recall 10% of information learned within just 72 hours in regular training environments. Social learning can reverse this curve. In fact, research shows retention rates as high as 70% when social learning theory is employed. Social learning allows learning to happen in the working environment and students learn from each other.

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A full-stack developer needs particular attributes alongside technical skills to excel at his work. The top three traits are problem-solving, expertise in communication, and a passion for learning.

September 9, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Boot Camp

When searching for a boot camp that fits like a glove, you need to consider internal and external criteria to arrive at a choice that works for you.

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