Our Success Stories

In addition to the technical skills, EHAM's full stack development bootcamp placed strong emphasis on soft skills training. I found this to be incredibly valuable as it helped me to improve my communication and collaboration skills, both of which are essential for a highly competent software engineer.



Wonderful course. The mentors are very supportive and there was a real focus on learning by self and also with peers. After the 5-month bootcamp, I feel more confident not only as a developer but as a leader and team member. I would highly recommend this course. 


Mahesh Bhagavath

The program has been easy to use and navigate and offers a wide range of features, such as learning resources, progress , sandbox and many more. Apart from technical skills, I have also learnt how to organize project tasks and keep track of important deadlines. Overall, I highly recommend EHAM’s bootcamp for Software Engineers.


Akash Dandge

As an Indian software professional, I never imagined that I would have access to a curriculum designed by Silicon Valley experts, but this bootcamp has made it possible. The curriculum is incredibly well-rounded and covers all the industry relevant tech skills that one would need to become a successful full stack developer. 



Sneha Kallem

One of the things I appreciate about this upskilling program is the emphasis on collaboration and teamwork. The course is designed to mimic a real-world development environment where we work in teams to solve problems and build projects. This has not only helped me to improve my technical skills but also my communciation and collaboration skills. 



Mohana Deepthi