Our Founder's Vision

I have always been passionate about technology and it's transformative power. As a young engineer, I saw firsthand how India became a hub for software services, creating countless jobs and helping companies around the world achieve their goals. But as I followed the latest trends and innovations in the tech industry, I realised that the landscape was rapidly changing.  

The future of technology is all about creating amazing products that solve real problems and improve people's lives. To do that, companies need talented engineers who can design, develop, and maintain complex software systems. However, finding and retaining top-notch engineers is a major challenge for companies everywhere. 

That's why I founded EHAM. My dream is to create a world-class tech talent service that recruits, trains, and retains the best engineers in India, and helps them work on cutting-edge product engineering projects for companies across the globe. 

- Murali Bukkapatnam


Meet our Team


Murali Bukkapatnam

Founder & CEO


Sreerekha Madivala

Chief of Strategy


Lavanya VJ

Customer Success


Rishav Jaiswal

Creative Designer


Abhinav Singh

Sales & Marketing


Pooja Arya

Building Partnerships

Meet our Advisors


Ryan Craig

Managing Director at Achieve Partners


Mamata Vegunta

Executive Director, Head of HR at DBS Tech India


Colin Boey

SaaS Angel Investor and Syndicate Lead at Bytebase


Suresh Reddy

Chairman and CEO, BrightCom Group (formerly LYCOS Internet Ltd)


Rekha Narendra

Vice President and India HR Head at Real Page,Inc