Terms & Conditions

Scope of the program/Bootcamp provided by EHAM:

If a student or user fulfills the selection criteria to enter the bootcamp through our assessment tests, EHAM offers the student or user a  5-month bootcamp, for which the student or user will make a payment as per the terms provided by EHAM.

The details of the bootcamp are as follows –

  • The bootcamp is 21 weeks of full-time full stack development program, linked to rigorous online self-learning modules that upskill students to kick-start their tech career in full stack development.
  • The program will run on dates mentioned in the project schedule shared with students, and students will stick to the schedule to complete the tasks and projects assigned to them.
  • The entire duration of the bootcamp is online, and no classroom training will be provided. Only upon completion of the projects assigned to the student will he/she be eligible for the following projects and tasks:
  1. Remedial and mentoring classes will be scheduled by EHAM. Students are requested to attend these sessions to complete the projects.
  2. Only after completion of the 5 month bootcamp will students be eligible for placements in our partner or parent companies.
  3. EHAM makes students 100% employable through cohort based learning. Students need to mandatorily attend all the sessions of the curriculum and outside of the curriculum for interview preparation and job-ready programmes to be eligible for a job offer.
  • The medium of instruction is English only.
  • If a student holds a job offer before joining the program, he/she has to inform EHAM about the job offer.
  • If an eligible candidate, after successfully completing the bootcamp, does not get placed, EHAM will take the responsibility of refunding the fee to the student.
  • EHAM will offer scholarships for students based on their performance in the assessment test. The percentage of scholarship is at the discretion of EHAM.
  • Scholarship recipients should commit to completing the entire program, meeting all program requirements, including attending all classes, completing all assignments, and participating in acquiring the skills required to become a full stack developer.
  • EHAM has the right to ask a student to leave the program any time during the bootcamp if performance is not found satisfactory or for any other violations regarding the program.

EHAM is not responsible if a student is terminated from the company that offered a job  for any reason.

Payment terms & conditions:
  • Students pay a total fee of 2.5 lakhs, inclusive of taxes, before beginning of the program.
  • Scholarships and loan options are available, but based on the calculations, students have to pay the fee upfront.
  • If a student has not received a job offer within 6 months of completing our program successfully, the student will be eligible for a full refund from EHAM.
  • If a student receives a job offer during the program and decides to leave the program, no refund will be given by EHAM.
  • The scholarship amount will be terminated if a student fails to adhere to attendance policies or violates the code of conduct of EHAM.
Placements offered by EHAM:
  • Students agree to participate in all placement opportunities provided by EHAM. Failure to do so will result in suspension from appearing in the subsequent recruitment process.
  • EHAM provides placement opportunities by connecting communities, groups, and hiring partners of EHAM.
  • EHAM will help students with interview preparation.
  • It is important to note that EHAM does not give any job guarantees. EHAM only provides 100% placement assistance to students. Students have to sign a placement policy document before signing up for the bootcamp.
  • Students can access the website and our LMS only after subscribing to our services. EHAM has the right to restrict or revoke access without prior notice.
  • Registered users will get login credentials to access EHAM resources. In order to become a registered user, EHAM will ask for a few details and payment. Registered users will have full access to our resources.
  • Students will not copy or distribute EHAM’s content or any part of services in any medium.
  • EHAM will not provide software or hardware required to access the website or resources.
Intellectual property:
  1. All content or other material available on the Platform or through the Program, including but not limited to online lectures, speeches, video lessons, quizzes, presentation materials, homework assignments, programs, code, and other images, text, layouts, arrangements, displays, illustrations, documents, materials, audio and video clips, HTML and files (collectively, the “Content”), are and remain the intellectual property the property of EHAM  and/or its affiliates or licensors and are protected by copyright, patent and/or other proprietary intellectual property rights under Indian law.
  2. Students, in consideration of the payment made by them, are granted a limited, non-transferable, non-sub licensable, non-exclusive license to use the Content and the software in respect of the Program for the sole purpose of completing the Program and / or attending the OnlineCourse.
  3. Students are completely restricted from: i. Copying (by any means), modifying, reproducing, re-publishing, sub-licensing, selling, uploading, broadcasting, posting, transmitting or distributing any of the Content without prior written permission of the Platform; ii. Using the Content in the provision of any other course or training, either online or offline in any manner whatsoever; iii. Removing any copyright or other notice of EHAM on the Content; iv. Modifying, adapt, merge, translate, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer (save to the extent permitted by law) any software forming part of the Program and Content; v. Selling, reselling or sharing the Content with anyone else.
Personal identifiable information collected by EHAM:
  1. EHAM will collect personally identifiable information about the Student during the course of their interaction during the Program. The information includes, but is not limited to email id, telephone number, name, address, CV, photograph, details about study experience, work experience etc. The use of personally identifiable information will be done as per the Privacy Policy provided by EHAM on their Platform. The same will be deemed to be part of this Agreement for determining usage of the personally identifiable information of the Student.
  2. Student gives permission to EHAM to use their name, images, photograph, videos, written and/or video testimonials and any work produced as part of the coursework of the Program for any type of advertising, promotion, publication or any other means, for commercial or informational purposes related to the Platform and the Program, without remuneration of any kind.
  3. This Clause shall survive the termination of this Agreement.
Dispute resolution:

If the Parties to this Agreement (Viz. EHAM and the above-named Student) are unable to amicably settle any dispute arising under this agreement or in connection with this agreement, In the event of the Dispute reaching the stage of Arbitration, the seat of the Arbitration shall be Hyderabad, TELANGANA; Any dispute arising out of this contract shall be subject to jurisdiction of TELANGANA Courts only.