Apr 20 , 2023

Three Quintessential Attributes of a Full-stack Developer: The Problem Solver, Communicator, and Lifelong Learner

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, full-stack developer jobs will see a 27% increase by 2024. 

This is not surprising, given the rapid spread of digitization. Companies across industries realize the value of a robust online presence in boosting customer engagement. However, despite the rising demand for full-stack developers, supply continues to fall short. This is partly because the complex and crucial position this role holds in the tech industry.  

Full-stack developers must have skills to create a fully functioning applications with little to no assistance. In other words, they must have the working knowledge of a website or application’s front end (client-side) and back end (server-side). Plus, they are expected to gather information from different teams, interact with various stakeholders while balancing client expectation and internal capabilities. 

In short, they are generalists, a jack of all trades, having a broad range of technical skills. The role however requires them to stand tall and exhibit functional efficiencies as well. This calls for a solution mindset and structured ways of thinking.  

Let’s explore what are the top three fundamental traits that a full-stack developer must possess, above and beyond the technical proficiency. 

Can you guess what they are? 
A passion for problem-solving
Why is problem-solving an indispensable trait for a full-stack developer? 

Technical glitches like bugs, lack of front end and back end coordination, and so on are common when managing end-to-end website development.  

Quickly resolving such challenges and moving forward is the hallmark of a good full-stack developer.  

What to know something interesting?

The ability to problem solve is not a single attribute but an amalgamation of multiple traits. For instance, it requires tenacity, flexibility, perseverance, patience, and much more.  

However, two core attributes are at the heart of the ability to find solutions successfully. An investigative and analytical bent of mind coupled with a creative, out-of-the-box thinking style.  

Analytical problem solving is reasoning using logic and facts. In contrast, creative thinking is coming up with innovative ideas. A person imbued with both will offer creative solutions grounded in facts and reason. They are innovative and practical—the perfect problem-solving combination.  

Also, which aspect you use depends on the issue to be resolved. For example, some problems require a more logical and fact-based perspective, while others need a novel approach.

A communication expert

Due to their extensive knowledge of the entire web development process, full-stack developers are often tasked with overseeing projects and delivering the final product. This includes handling the technical and the human side.   

They must interact with clients, designers, other developers (in-house and freelance), and senior colleagues. Full-stack developers are the center point connecting all the different people involved in a project. Therefore, their communication ability must be impeccable. Any miscommunication has the potential to derail the work process.  

Besides this, full-stack developers may also need to simplify complex technical processes for clients, deal with misunderstandings between colleagues and update seniors on projects.   

Just like problem-solving, being skilled in communication results from a combination of characteristics like active listening, empathy, clarity, and confidence.    

When a full-stack developer builds seamless communication channels, it creates a harmonious working environment and boosts work efficiency, delivering better-quality outcomes. 

A love for learning

The world is changing constantly and nowhere faster than in the tech industry.    

Therefore, a full-stack developer needs to be equipped with a curious mind and a thirst for knowledge. If someone lacks this zeal for learning, staying abreast of the latest technologies will become difficult.  

A desire to know more will also drive you to be more resourceful in finding the skills, information, and tools required to thrive at work.  

Therefore, being an eternal learner pays off. It can also help you advance your career, ensure greater job satisfaction and make you more attractive to employers. So have a plan that allows you to grow and learn at your pace.  

To help you get started, here are some simple but effective ways to scale your learning. Focus on upskilling, follow inspiring leaders and companies, and consume a wide variety of content.

Beyond technology and skills  

So how did you match up to these traits? A full score?  

That’s fantastic.  

Even if you have discovered some aspects you need to work on, do not worry. Most of us will find areas we can improve in. Fortunately, these attributes are not set in stone; anyone can gradually inculcate them.  

Although these traits are the foundation of a full-stack mindset, they will help you succeed in any profession. After all, a problem-solving pro with stellar communication skills and a passion for learning would be an asset to any employer.  

By now, you undoubtedly realize tech skills alone are insufficient to shine as a full-stack developer. This will put you one step ahead of the rest of the pack. When enrolling in a full-stack development course, you will select a program that builds non-tech capabilities like EQ, communication, critical thinking, and tech skills.